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Does Size Really Matter?

does-size-matterIt is widely considered that the larger the person is, the stronger the person is; this may not always be the case. A weightlifter may be smaller in size and stature than a bulky-looking bodybuilder, yet be capable of lifting heavier loads. Instead of a large body, for the majority of sports having a large, active fat-free body mass is better. The more active body mass there is, the greater the strength, because force depends on DENSITY and diameter.

Why not use bodybuilding techniques?……

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4 Recovery Periods You’re Probably Ignoring!


Like me, if you train hard from week to week and month to month on a specific training programme you’d like and expect to see regular physiological improvements and adaptations. I can say I do, but how many people are actually treading water, or in some cases going backwards, from week to week and month to month, or even year to year? 

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