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I Know I am, Are You?

With the 6-Nations rugby tournament approaching I thought it fitting to base this week’s article on the importance of being ‘robust’. ‘Robustness’ is a word I use everyday when interacting with my clients yet very few have linked the word and its definition to their own rehabilitation and conditioning goals. Here’s why I think it’s such an important attribute to possess.

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2 Essential Exercises You Should Do When You Workout

Wiper hardA strong mid-section (or commonly referred to as the ‘core’) is essential for physical function and robustness (injury prevention). Here are two of my favourites for strengthening that all-important area of the body.

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Squat!


Squats are, in my opinion, an awesome exercise for just about anything! However, as with all exercises this is only the case when the squat is performed correctly. With this in mind here’s my take on why most people have difficulty squatting. For common squat faults click here.

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The 3 Most Effective Exercises for Lower-body Muscle Activation

By Spencer Brown

Hip Bridge (double)

Muscle activation is essential for physical performance and function, and it refers to the stimulation (or re-education) of underactive muscle fibres. Isolated strengthening exercises are used to target particular muscles and/or muscle groups to increase their force production capabilities through contraction actions (i.e. by moving certain joints in isolation).

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