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Protein: to shake or not to shake?

I often get asked by my clients about whether they should be taking protein shakes, when is the best time to have them, and which one should they take. So, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts here for you.


My opinion is that good nutrition comes first! Protein shakes are SUPPLEMENTS i.e. an addition to a good diet – NOT a substitute for real food.


What is protein?

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2 Essential Post-Marathon Tips You’re Probably Not Doing

Post Marathon

Congratulations! You’ve completed your marathon…. all that training, the sacrifices you’ve made along the way, and now it’s over. It can be quite common to experience post-marathon blues, and wonder what you’re going to do with all that spare time now!

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7 Tried & Tested Recovery Strategies To Optimise Your Performance

Ice Water

In general, people exercise to make some part of their body function better. However, without effective use of recovery periods (see 4 Recovery Periods Your Probably Ignoring!) you’ll most likely waste most of your hard work! With this in mind here are 7 simple recovery strategies everyone needs to be doing. Give them a try.

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