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Discover Your Untapped Potential Now!

We all know that our mindset is the biggest key to our successes – whether that be personal or professional. So when I met Karen Powell, one of the founders of Kokoro – Better Me Better World, I was very excited!!! Karen is so passionate about her work to help others to achieve more and feel better about themselves by creating a positive mindset, that you can’t help but want to work with her……

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Competition Day….Tan, Make-up, and Sticky Toffee Pudding!!


Last weekend was my first competition of 2017, where I competed in the UKBFF English Grand Prix in Reading. It has been almost 2 years since my first competition back in 2015, although as it has been about 18 months since I last stepped on stage, it felt like it was my first time all over again!

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Competition: T – 2 days

This week has been my ‘peak week’ in preparation for my first competition of 2017 – the UKBFF English Grand Prix, on Sunday 4th June – so I thought I’d share my experiences over the week – the ups and the downs!

The beginning of the week (Monday – Wednesday) was all about depleting my carbohydrate stores (the body’s main fuel source). This meant reducing my carb intake to just 50g per day (no oats for me!!), increasing my cardio to 2 hours per day, and increasing the intensity of my upper body training sessions to preferentially use carbs.

Logistically I found this difficult, in terms of fitting in the training as  well as continue to run my own business and see clients. I would definitely advise others to take a few days off (or the whole week if you can) prior to a competition.

The last two days (Thursday & Friday) I have increased my carbohydrate intake to 125g and 175g respectively,  as well as reducing my protein intake by 25% and adding in 2 bananas (high levels of potassium) per day. My cardio has reduced to 1 hour on Thursday and just 30 minutes today!! Training has also consisted of an upper body weights session followed by posing practice each day.

Fluid intake these last two days has still been 4litres per day, but 2litres being coconut water (which contains high levels of potassium) – with the aim of drawing water from the body’s tissues to give more muscular definition. High potassium levels can be dangerous so this should not be sustained any longer than the 2-3 days prior to a competition.

Yesterday I could already feel myself dehydrating due to the introduction of the coconut water, especially with the heat as well! This certainly took its toll on my concentration and energy levels towards the end of the day. Together with having two long days in a row with morning networking meetings at 06:30 and working until 20:00.

This morning was a rare morning off work, which meant I could go and get my hair ready for Sunday! (bearing in mind it has been a loooong time since I have been to the hairdressers – I felt sorry for the hairdresser!) I did nearly fall asleep in the chair though!


Excuse the mirror selfie – I’m terrible at taking photos, especially of myself!


Energy levels have been good today, although I’m getting weary now – ready for my next meal!

Look out for my next posts all about the day before a competition, and COMPETITION DAY!!

Rebecca x

Competition Countdown: T – 4 days!

My final day of carbohydrate depletion!!

Yesterday was difficult! Not necessarily the diet, but fitting in my training (30 minutes upper body circuit + 2 hours of cardio) around my clients and running my business. I felt like every spare moment I had I would be jumping on the bike or on the treadmill to complete the allotted time!

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Competition Countdown: T – 6 days!

My competition ‘peak week’ is upon me – I’m not sure how that happened so quickly! So I thought I’d keep you all updated with my progress and the ups and downs of the preparation a week before a bodybuilding competition.

Monday – Day 1 of Carbohydrate depletion

My morning started as usual with 20 minutes of fasted cardio (prior to breakfast), which consisted of weighted, incline treadmill walking whilst catching up on The Great British Menu of course!

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The #1 Mindset Shift to Create A Healthier You

There seems to be an over-riding belief within many of my female clients, friends and family members, as well as myself, that we must take care of everyone else, even if that means sacrificing our own health and wellbeing. I have now realised this is a huge LIMITING belief when it comes to living a healthy and happy life……

The reality is…

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Top Tips to Help when You’re Struggling with Motivation….

It’s well known that the hardest part about introducing exercise into your life isn’t actually the workout – it’s getting started! Whether that be walking out of the front door / getting up and going to the gym / getting your yoga mat out at home….this is where the voices in our head start coming up with all the reasons why we should stay put, and carry on with what we were doing.


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