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I Know I am, Are You?

With the 6-Nations rugby tournament approaching I thought it fitting to base this week’s article on the importance of being ‘robust’. ‘Robustness’ is a word I use everyday when interacting with my clients yet very few have linked the word and its definition to their own rehabilitation and conditioning goals. Here’s why I think it’s such an important attribute to possess.

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The Deadlift: How To………

The deadlift, in my opinion, is the number one strength exercise.


The deadlift recruits more muscle groups than any other compound exercise (an exercise that involves 2 or more joints and recruits multiple muscle groups), with particular emphasis on the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps of the lower body, along with the erector spinae and multiple stabilisers of the lower and upper back.


A lot of people stay away from deadlifts for fear of injury, particularly to the lower back – this perception couldn’t be further from the truth!

Deadlifting (as well as most other exercises) with bad technique will definitely increase your risk of getting injured, however deadlifting with good form and smart load selection will strengthen and stabilised your back.

Before I go into my 3 top coaching cues for the deadlift……..

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Competition Countdown: T – 6 days!

My competition ‘peak week’ is upon me – I’m not sure how that happened so quickly! So I thought I’d keep you all updated with my progress and the ups and downs of the preparation a week before a bodybuilding competition.

Monday – Day 1 of Carbohydrate depletion

My morning started as usual with 20 minutes of fasted cardio (prior to breakfast), which consisted of weighted, incline treadmill walking whilst catching up on The Great British Menu of course!

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The Top 5 Reasons Women Don’t Lift Weights

#1 – It will make me look ‘bulky’

There’s a common misconception that weight training will make women look more masculine and less like a woman. The truth is that women generally do not have the amount of testosterone or physiological makeup to look ‘bulky’, and unless you’re specifically training to compete in physique bodybuilding competitions (which takes years of dedication, or the use of steroids!), it’s nearly impossible to look like that.

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Does Size Really Matter?

does-size-matterIt is widely considered that the larger the person is, the stronger the person is; this may not always be the case. A weightlifter may be smaller in size and stature than a bulky-looking bodybuilder, yet be capable of lifting heavier loads. Instead of a large body, for the majority of sports having a large, active fat-free body mass is better. The more active body mass there is, the greater the strength, because force depends on DENSITY and diameter.

Why not use bodybuilding techniques?……

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