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4 Ways To Stay Athletic as You Age

OldYou and I both know that exercise and training doesn’t get any easier as we get older, but if you’re ‘feeling’ your age, have increasingly annoying niggles or contemplating packing in a sport/activity you love and enjoy then you need to read this.

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Move Better With These 2 Simple Ankle Mobility Exercises

Ankle mobility is essential for efficient and correct movement. As with spinal mobility, I’ve yet to come across someone who doesn’t need to mobilise their ankles before exercise. Whether you’re an athlete or just a weekend warrior include these drills in your warm-up routine for a better workout.

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The 3 Most Effective Exercises for Lower-body Muscle Activation

By Spencer Brown

Hip Bridge (double)

Muscle activation is essential for physical performance and function, and it refers to the stimulation (or re-education) of underactive muscle fibres. Isolated strengthening exercises are used to target particular muscles and/or muscle groups to increase their force production capabilities through contraction actions (i.e. by moving certain joints in isolation).

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3 Little Known Mobility Drills That’ll Maximise Your Running

By Rebecca Walsh-Brown

Mobility in the major joints (ankle, hip, spine and shoulders) is crucial for optimum physical performance and injury risk reduction. This article will outline 3 little known mobility exercises for the ankle, hip and spine that will immediately maximise your running performance and go a long way to reduce the risk of injury.

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