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The Deadlift: How To………

The deadlift, in my opinion, is the number one strength exercise.


The deadlift recruits more muscle groups than any other compound exercise (an exercise that involves 2 or more joints and recruits multiple muscle groups), with particular emphasis on the gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps of the lower body, along with the erector spinae and multiple stabilisers of the lower and upper back.


A lot of people stay away from deadlifts for fear of injury, particularly to the lower back – this perception couldn’t be further from the truth!

Deadlifting (as well as most other exercises) with bad technique will definitely increase your risk of getting injured, however deadlifting with good form and smart load selection will strengthen and stabilised your back.

Before I go into my 3 top coaching cues for the deadlift……..

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A Lunge Variation You Should Master For Awesome Stability!

Lunge Twist

The basic lunge is a staple exercise for all those wishing to be more functional, and with multiple variations it’s an exercise you’ll never get bored with. That said, the lunge twist is still rarely seen and when I have seen it attempted it hasn’t exactly gone to plan. If you want stability then master this lunge variation!

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2 Essential Exercises You Should Do When You Workout

Wiper hardA strong mid-section (or commonly referred to as the ‘core’) is essential for physical function and robustness (injury prevention). Here are two of my favourites for strengthening that all-important area of the body.

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