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Discover Your Untapped Potential Now!

We all know that our mindset is the biggest key to our successes – whether that be personal or professional. So when I met Karen Powell, one of the founders of Kokoro – Better Me Better World, I was very excited!!! Karen is so passionate about her work to help others to achieve more and feel better about themselves by creating a positive mindset, that you can’t help but want to work with her……

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The #1 Mindset Shift to Create A Healthier You

There seems to be an over-riding belief within many of my female clients, friends and family members, as well as myself, that we must take care of everyone else, even if that means sacrificing our own health and wellbeing. I have now realised this is a huge LIMITING belief when it comes to living a healthy and happy life……

The reality is…

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Top Tips to Help when You’re Struggling with Motivation….

It’s well known that the hardest part about introducing exercise into your life isn’t actually the workout – it’s getting started! Whether that be walking out of the front door / getting up and going to the gym / getting your yoga mat out at home….this is where the voices in our head start coming up with all the reasons why we should stay put, and carry on with what we were doing.


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Protein: to shake or not to shake?

I often get asked by my clients about whether they should be taking protein shakes, when is the best time to have them, and which one should they take. So, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts here for you.


My opinion is that good nutrition comes first! Protein shakes are SUPPLEMENTS i.e. an addition to a good diet – NOT a substitute for real food.


What is protein?

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The Top 5 Reasons Women Don’t Lift Weights

#1 – It will make me look ‘bulky’

There’s a common misconception that weight training will make women look more masculine and less like a woman. The truth is that women generally do not have the amount of testosterone or physiological makeup to look ‘bulky’, and unless you’re specifically training to compete in physique bodybuilding competitions (which takes years of dedication, or the use of steroids!), it’s nearly impossible to look like that.

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Exercise: Is Your Mind FULL or Mindful?

There’s a lot of people out there that use exercise to ‘switch off’, ‘disengage’, ‘distract’ from the stresses of day to day life (I used to be one of them). On one hand this is great – there are huge benefits to taking your mind away from your stresses and giving your head some space, but we need to be careful not to switch off completely when we’re exercising.


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Don’t Sit Down to Read This!

bad-posture11Now it’s nothing new to say that sitting isn’t good for your health. Researchers back in the 50’s (Morris et al., 1953) found that people with more sedentary jobs e.g. bus drivers were at a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease than their more active peers.


Some of us may think, this doesn’t apply to me – I go to the gym 2-3 times a week or go for a run 4 times a week – I get my fix of activity, so sitting at the desk/in the car/watching tv etc. is fine for a few hours.


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4 Ways To Stay Athletic as You Age

OldYou and I both know that exercise and training doesn’t get any easier as we get older, but if you’re ‘feeling’ your age, have increasingly annoying niggles or contemplating packing in a sport/activity you love and enjoy then you need to read this.

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