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Ground-breaking Performance & Injury Risk Technology Comes to Peak Performance!

Ground-breaking technology that can instantly reveal what the naked eye can’t. How much force is a┬árunner putting on one leg in comparison to the other? How unstable is the knee that recently underwent surgery? How much is a runner at risk of getting injured?

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A Lunge Variation You Should Master For Awesome Stability!

Lunge Twist

The basic lunge is a staple exercise for all those wishing to be more functional, and with multiple variations it’s an exercise you’ll never get bored with. That said, the lunge twist is still rarely seen and when I have seen it attempted it hasn’t exactly gone to plan. If you want stability then master this lunge variation!

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Forget Pilates, Wobble Boards & Fit Balls! 5 Must-Do Dynamic Stability Exercises

UntitledIn order to function properly we need strength and mobility, but we also need stability and control. In this article I explain the fundamentals of Dynamic Stability Training (DST) (sometimes referred to as Functional Stability Training) and how you can get better at it to prevent unnecessary injuries and improve your physical performance through increased efficiency.

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