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Does Size Really Matter?

does-size-matterIt is widely considered that the larger the person is, the stronger the person is; this may not always be the case. A weightlifter may be smaller in size and stature than a bulky-looking bodybuilder, yet be capable of lifting heavier loads. Instead of a large body, for the majority of sports having a large, active fat-free body mass is better. The more active body mass there is, the greater the strength, because force depends on DENSITY and diameter.

Why not use bodybuilding techniques?……

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Are You Stopping Your Child Reaching Their Full Athletic Potential?


Less jogging, more speed 

Firstly, I’m not saying it’s not important for children to be aerobically fit. Far from it. Unless they’re specifically training to be an endurance athlete, and require a specifically high maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 max), endurance-type training can be done when they’re older – even marathon runners need to be able to sprint.

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4 Ways To Stay Athletic as You Age

OldYou and I both know that exercise and training doesn’t get any easier as we get older, but if you’re ‘feeling’ your age, have increasingly annoying niggles or contemplating packing in a sport/activity you love and enjoy then you need to read this.

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